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Do you have an Accounting client that needs a Rostering System?

Help a business you service and earn $100 in gift cards.

If you know of a business that could use RosterElf why not let them know.

Simply enter their details in the form below and if they become a paying customer of RosterElf you get a $50 JB-Hi-Fi gift card or Uber Eats Gift Card.

All clients registering through the referral process will get the Partner Program Discount and you will be added to the account as an Admin.

After the business has been with us for 12 weeks and is consistently rostering, we’ll then send you another $50 gift card.

*conditions apply

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The Lucky Business About to Start Using RosterElf

Terms and Conditions

  1. You must be a part of the RosterElf Partner Program. IF you are not a current member, please contact customersupport@rosterelf.com to find out more.
  2. Referred business must sign up for a free trial within 30 days of the referral to qualify.
  3. Fair go policy applies, please use this referral program responsibly and where there is a genuine need for RosterElf at the referred business. Abuse of the referral program may result in disqualification.
  4. All amounts stated are in Australian Dollars (AUD).
  5. 12 Week period commences upon initial deposit and paying account activation.