Yep, you read correctly.

50% of employees promoted fail in their new role.

Why? Because the same research also reveals that only 10% of employees promoted are adequately trained and groomed for the new responsibility.

So how do you create a business where internal promotions are successful?

1. Culture. 

High potential employees who are dynamic and ambitious want to be in a company focused on professional development. If you do not have this culture, you will lose them to an employer who does. Make the development of your employees a key priority and communicate this to your team.

2. Performance Reviews. 

Sit down with your employees regularly and formally review their performance, give feedback and set SMART goals that you can review at your next catch-up. Employees will feel motivated, challenged and on the ball.

3. Mentor. 

Look at assigning a mentor to your employees with the greatest potential. It could be yourself or another senior person in the business who can offer guidance and support.

4. Push Them.

Encourage your employees to push through their comfort zone. Once they have proven proficiency in a task, give them challenging new responsibilities that will take their professional development to the next level.

Once you promote an employee, it's vital that you continue to provide ongoing support and guidance to avoid the risk of failure.


Simon Ingleson

CEO/Founder @ RosterElf

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