All of your employees will bring something different to the table, which can be a good thing. Having a dynamic and collaborative workplace means you can solve and approach your problems differently. Employees can support each other and offer alternative ideas.

Therefore, it’s essential to understand each of your employees’ main strengths and weaknesses and how it can affect your business. Strengths and weaknesses of your employees can range depending on experience and character. 

By understanding your team's core strengths and weaknesses, your team will realise their potential and achieve substantial growth.

Here are five easy ways to realise the strengths and weaknesses of your team:

  1. Check Social Media

Social media is a handy tool in today’s landscape, where you can look into a person's profile. Ensure you connect on LinkedIn for a good source of information. Study their profile and find ways you can start conversations with them.

  1. Listen and Observe

It may look easy, but ensure you are carefully observing and listening to your staff. You will uncover certain traits or behaviours that might be considered a key strength or weakness.

  1. Past Experience

You may have already done this when interviewing your employee for the position, but exploring their experience may be insightful. 

You will be able to understand their achievements and failures in their career and find out why. What are the critical skills they’ve learnt? You can use this information to push them to the next level.

  1. Ask Directly

Being direct will give you answers straight away, and can be more insightful. Open conversations that allow your employees to self-reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. Staff can realise what they’re good at and areas they could improve. 

  1. Show Your Human Side

Start regular meetings or catch-ups with your employees and determine their career aspirations, goals, and motivations. Allow staff to make mistakes and offer your support. By knowing this, you will allow your team to grow and learn new skills.

Lead with Knowledge 

The key to understanding your team's strengths and weaknesses is to be open and friendly. Allow staff to come to you if they need help in any matter. Be sure to praise their good performances and allow staff to reflect on poor performances and come to you with feedback.

You can create a SWOT analysis that uncovers your employee's key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Staff can be more self-aware, and you can learn something new about your team.

As a business owner, your business will strive to become more aware of your team culture and areas that need improvement. It would help if you strived to improve every day and create a workplace that allows employees to grow as human beings to serve the local community.