Organised, motivated and happy employees are the key to a well-run Childcare centre. Get this right, and parents will rave about you and your business with thrive. 

As a child care centre owner or manager, you also need to ensure you meet relevant child-employee rations and other legal requirements while avoiding overstaffing (especially if the childcare centre isn't at capacity). Add to this juggling shifts to ensure you share amongst employees fairly whilst allowing for enough backup child carer contingencies for any last-minute staffing issues.

Lastly, as anyone in childcare knows, rostering consistency is also crucial as children build trust and relationships with the caregivers they interact with daily. 

There is a lot to consider, and it can all seem daunting. But don't worry, read below our top tips to help you optimise your child care employee scheduling

Our Child Care Employee Rostering Top Tips 

1. Understand Staffing Requirements.

Determine the required staff members based on the number of children in each age group, licensing regulations, and safety guidelines. Consider staff-to-child ratios, breaks, and qualifications needed for specific roles.

2. Plan for Staff Availability.

Take into account the availability and preferences of your staff members. Consider their preferred working hours, part-time or full-time status, and any scheduling restrictions or requests they may have.

3. Balance Skill Sets.

Ensure each shift has a mix of staff members with different skills and qualifications. This includes considering the expertise needed for specific age groups, special needs children, or specific programs or activities.

4. Consider Staffing Levels Throughout the Day.

Identify peak times and plan for increased staff coverage during those periods. This could include arrival and departure, meal, nap, or specific activities requiring additional supervision.

5. Allow for Breaks and Rest Periods.

Plan regular breaks for staff members to ensure time for meals, rest, and rejuvenation. This is crucial for maintaining their well-being and performance throughout the day.

6. Communicate and Involve Staff.

 Involve staff members in the scheduling process by considering their preferences and input. Open communication and collaboration can help address scheduling conflicts and ensure a sense of fairness.

7. Anticipate Staffing Challenges.

Be prepared for staff absences, unexpected emergencies, or leave requests. Develop contingency plans to handle these situations, such as having a pool of substitute or relief staff available. Automated shift-swapping tools can really help here. 

8. Use Technology.

Consider utilising staff management software or scheduling apps to streamline rostering operations. These tools can simplify the rostering process, facilitate communication, and help manage staff availability and scheduling conflicts.

9. Monitor and Adjust.

Regularly review and assess the effectiveness of your rostering system. Seek feedback from staff and parents to identify any issues or areas for improvement. Make necessary adjustments to optimise the schedule and address any concerns.

10. Ensure Compliance.

Ensure your rostering practices comply with labour laws, award employment regulations, and industry-specific requirements or guidelines for staff-to-child ratios and breaks.

By following these tips, you can create practical and efficient rosters that meet the needs of your childcare centre, provide adequate staff coverage, and support a positive working environment for your team.

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