Software and apps are changing the way most business operate, especially hospitality. 

A recent Global “Hospitality Software Market” report showed that COVID-19 has only accelerated the technical transformation of hospitality with more great online tools than ever making the lives of business owners and managers in hospitality easier. 

There are many benefits for businesses of embracing online hospitality apps: 

But with so many hospitality apps available, which ones should you choose?

Have no fear, we have compiled a list of the best hospitality apps for 2022 below.

Top 5 Hospitality Apps of 2022 

1. Restaurant Booking Software

Now Book It manages restaurant reservations, table management, events and gift cards for hospitality. 

With over 4500 venues across Australia and New Zealand, Now Book It is a must have for the restaurant industry, streamlining customer interactions in a professional and efficient way.

Core Features:

  • Real time booking system
  • Take payments, deposits and credit card authorisations online
  • Sell gift cards 
  • Own your own data


  • Low, flat monthly subscription fees

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2. Rostering and Timesheet Software

RosterElf is a rostering, time and attendance and payroll system for hospitality businesses. 

The online platform includes a cloud based application as well as a range of apps for both iOS and Android devices. It also handles award interpretation so timesheets can be approved from RosterElf and directly imported into a range of accounting packages such as Xero, MYOB, Sage and WageEasy. 

Core Features:


  • RosterElf Pro plan starts at $2.40 per employee per month

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3. Hospitality Training Software

Typsy is a really awesome online training system for hospitality. 

The cloud based solution has over 1000 courses and growing, covering all the important topics in hospitality. Training modules including beverage, business, compliance, service and culinary, making Typsy an invaluable tool for onboarding new employees as well as ensuring current employees are up-to-date in their knowledge. 

Core Features:

  • On-demand video content from leading hospitality experts
  • Digital industry-endorsed training certificates for employees
  • Personalised employee mirco-credentials to map progress which can be digitally shared


  • The Typsy Premium plan is $160.00 AUD per manager per year

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4. At-Table Ordering

me&u is one of the leading at-table ordering platforms on the market.

The platform allows customers to order from the convince of their tables using an app linked to a hardware beacon, driving speed of service and revenue. 

Business owners can update menus in real time and link the platform to a range of point of sales platforms. 

Core Features:

  • Customers simply tap on the hardware beacon to order and pay
  • Menus can be updated live 
  • Smart data and metrics to provide insights and track performance


  • Low, flat monthly subscription fees

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5. Profitability Management Software

Cooking the Books is a cloud based application that helps ensure your hospitality venue runs a successful and profitable operation.

The platform's clever kitchen management modules ensure you have insight and control over purchasing products, stock management and cost of goods.

Core Features:

  • Financial reporting and insights
  • Supplier ordering
  • Supplier invoicing
  • POS and accounting integrations including MYOB and Xero


  • Contact Cooking the Books for pricing

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