When managing and owning a business, you can get so caught up in all the happenings that you’ve drained all the fun out of the work place. Without knowing it, you’ve passed on your stress, anxiety and total seriousness to all those around you. No one feels comfortable to have a laugh or create opportunities to be joyful. Are your employees happy? No. Is it a fun environment to work in? No. Are you getting the most out of your staff? No. So what’s the point? Here's what do to!

To try boost the morale you can either threaten your staff or give them pay rises. Threatening provides no real effect, expect your employees might despise you a little more. And pay raises which are not only going to have a detriment effect to your budget, but studies have shown they only have short-term effects.

So what do you do?

Really, the only proven solution to make is to create a fun environment for employees in work in.

1. Productivity

In general, when people are calm, stress free and have a positive attitude, their blood flow increases pumping more oxygen and endorphins to their brain. Their thought processes are clear and they become more relaxed and accepting to others. So why wouldn’t you want your staff to have the same?

2. Attitude

You have to let your staff know that it’s okay to express humour. Recognise and react when something humourous happens. This will enable others to see it and be apart of it.

It is because they feel comfortable in the environment that are in that they become embodied in a positive frame of mind, they will reflect a positive attitude towards what ever comes their way.

3. Customer Service

A fun workplace isn’t only more productive, but because the staff enjoy themselves, they excel and what they do. It is because of this that the business becomes attractive to customers and or buyers. Who wants to sit in a restaurant with grumpy waiters who aren’t attentive?

And the bonus? More customers, more revenue!

4. Communication

Laughter brings people together. It forms connections with people and encourages communication. With this then comes along respect and appreciation to other employees and leaders.

5. Decreased Turnover

If staff enjoy where they work, why would they want to leave?

In the long run, your business will be better off. Your employees will respect and care for you, your ideologies and your business. Your workplace reputation and profile will broaden and staff turnover will decrease. Less stress for you, more excitement for your employees.

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