A simple and reliable timesheet application is necessary for businesses with a flexible workforce.

While manual time tracking with paper and spreadsheets is an option, this process is inefficient. It increases the chances of time theft as employees can simply record any time regardless of their actual attendance at the workplace. A recent survey by HR Magazine found that 73% of employees have witnessed unethical conduct, including showing up late to work, leaving work early, buddy punching for colleagues and even completely falsifying records. 

There are many benefits to using timesheet software in your business, but here are the most important reasons:

  • Reducing payroll errors
  • Ensuring accurate record keeping for compliance
  • Minimising time theft

So given digital timesheet software is a must, which one should you choose?

We have researched for you, and below, you can read about the top 5 timesheet software options for 2022 for business owners. 

Top 5 Timesheet Software Apps for 2022 

1. RosterElf Time Clock 

RosterElf's time clock app is a free clock-in-out app available for both iOS and Android devices. 

Employees can clock in using the table app or their smartphone using RosterElf's GPS pin technology to ensure attendance at work.  

All timesheet data is stored on the cloud, accessible by management to review when approving payroll for formats such as Xero and MYOB.

Core Features:


  • RosterElf Pro plan starts at $2.40 per employee per month

Image source: RosterElf 

2. Hubstaff

Hubstaff's timesheet software enables managers to track employee hours live and add to timesheets for approval. 

Managers can edit time and approve and decline a range of employee requests. The software has a range of reports that can be generated for management purposes. 

Core Features:


  • Desk Pro plan starts at $10.00 per user per month

Image source: Hubstaff 

3. Timesheets.com

With Timesheets.com, businesses can have employees clock on and off for shifts that are approved as part of the payroll process.

Timesheets.com integrates with various payroll providers and includes allocations for various on-costs such as mileage and PTO. 

Core Features:


  • Standard plan starts at $4.50 per user per month

Image source: Time Sheets 

4. Deputy 

Deputy offers a range of apps to record employee time and attendance, which can then be approved by management for payroll. 

The software integrates with various payroll and accounting systems such as MYOBXero and Sage

Core Features:


  • Premium plan starts at $5.50 per user per month

Image source: Deputy 

Have Questions?

We Have The Answer!

Why is manual time tracking inefficient for businesses?

Manual time tracking with paper and spreadsheets is inefficient because it increases the chances of time theft and inaccuracies. Employees can falsify their attendance records, leading to payroll errors and compliance issues. Digital timesheet software offers a more reliable and accurate solution, reducing these risks and enhancing overall efficiency.

How does RosterElf Time Clock ensure accurate attendance?

RosterElf Time Clock ensures accurate attendance by using GPS pin technology for smartphone clock-ins and photo proof for tablet clock-ins. This prevents time theft and false records. All timesheet data is securely stored in the cloud, accessible for payroll processing with systems like Xero and MYOB.

What are the main features of Hubstaff's timesheet software?

Hubstaff's timesheet software includes live employee hours tracking, automated and manual timesheet entries, and comprehensive reporting tools. Managers can edit, approve, or decline employee time entries, ensuring accurate and efficient time management. The software supports integration with various payroll systems.

Can Timesheets.com handle additional payroll costs like mileage and PTO?

Yes, Timesheets.com can handle additional payroll costs such as mileage and Paid Time Off (PTO). The software integrates with various payroll providers, ensuring all costs are accurately allocated and approved during the payroll process. This feature helps businesses maintain accurate financial records.

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