Is Time Clock App Necessary for Your Small Business?

The name "app" wasn't in common parlance when the Apple App Store first went live. Our personal computers ran applications, not our smartphones. Apps are widely used nowadays, and one of the most significant business-related features is the time clock.

A reliable employee time clock app is crucial, as anyone who owns a small business is sure to know. No matter how big your business is, make sure you can set and monitor your employees' working hours.

Today's densely networked and cloud-based choices enable business managers to utilise modern time-tracking apps. This allows you to instantly access specialised payroll data, respond to time-off requests, and monitor your employees' locations.

You might find it challenging to pick among many time clock features and options available now. 

That said, here are some things to consider when you start your search, whether you need to manage schedules, monitor remote workers using real-time data, or any other time-tracking features for your small business.

How to Choose a Timeclock App 

Before you begin, like any business-related search, identify your company's needs first. It's unnecessary to splurge on a time clock software designed for big businesses if you only have a dozen employees working at one location. A little reflection will help you make the right decision while saving time and money. Consider the following matters:

1. How strictly will you be monitoring your staff?

Catching your timecard and punching in at a station was the traditional method of reporting for work. Although that method was adequate for a while, it had a severe flaw: dishonest employees would engage in a practice known as "buddy punching." 

As a result, a buddy would clock them in at the employee timeclock station on their behalf while they weren't present in the office. Timecard fraud is still a concern; however, choices in today's web-based time clock software can help to mitigate this expensive issue.

The GPS on your employees' handsets can be used by some services to track their whereabouts. Since almost every app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, it is possible to determine the employee's position using geolocation technology.

2. Do you need a time clock app with extra staff scheduling features?

Regarding staff scheduling, time clock software for small businesses is beneficial but not the end-all game. There are several more features that can streamline your scheduling process.  

Your entire organisation can benefit from the unique features of time clock software. One of the best features available is the ability to create reports outlining the impact of your employees' schedules on your bottom line. 

FYI: If you have sufficient information, you can ensure that your payroll is accurate and complies with Fair Work regulations

3. For iOS or Android, what is the most excellent time clock app? 

Almost every time clock business aims to have their applications available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. When you run into a time clock app that only works with a single device, ditch that and find another that supports mobile operating systems and services. 

You don't want to limit your time-tracking options by favouring just one feature over others unless you provide your staff with company phones.

4. What kind of program integration does a time clock app offer?

Today's business operations resemble spinning plates. There are many things to think about at once, and if you're unfocused, things could go in a snafu. However, there are a plethora of applications that can iron out work-related problems. 

Make sure your software is compatible with the applications you've already implemented. Just like RosterElf's work roster software. Capable of integrating with different payroll applications. 

You can automatically input employee schedules into a business calendar and send it to employees' email inboxes or SMS directly to their phones. 

All these with the right app. You may even use some integrations to send your online time clock data directly to payroll, ensuring that you're paying your staff correctly for the time they spend working.

How Much Is a Good Time Clock Software?

Like most reliable time and attendance solutions, a good time clock software doesn't come without a charge. When it comes to cost, it mostly depends on the relevant factors. For instance, you must pay extra for online storage if the software's hosting is cloud-based.

Some businesses base their additional fees on the number of locations or employees the system will serve. RosterElf has the most price-friendly options that will help streamline your scheduling processes. 

Final Thoughts 

A solid time clock software can help you ensure you're paying employees fairly and properly, regardless of where your small business is in its development or how many people you currently have in your workforce. You need to remember that when searching for the best app, it's not always "which is the best?" but "which one is best suitable for my organisation?" 

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