We love our partnership with the Xero app store. For quite a while, we have been the best-rated rostering software integration for Xero. We proudly announce that we are Xero's Staff Pick and the best Payroll integration! Only 10 apps out of over 1000 get the privilege of being awarded by Xero.

On top of that, we are also Xero’s top choice for payroll and time-tracking apps. We are thrilled to see how much customers love our magically simple rostering software. 

Are you using our Xero payroll integration yet?

Our RosterElf Xero integration enables you to send time sheets and employee data directly from RosterElf to Xero. With our Australian award interpretation system, all calculations are automatic, which helps to avoid human error and remain Fair Work compliant. This saves you not only time but also a lot of stress. Never worry again about staying compliant.

What are my benefits?

✅  Best-rated Xero payroll integration

✅  Xero API integration to send timesheets and leave

✅  Automatic award interpretation ensures accuracy

✅  Track time and attendance with digital clock-in-out

✅  Ensure Fair Work compliance with automated awards interpretation

✅  View labour costs before sending them to payroll

✅  Process payroll in minutes with a click

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Have Questions?

We Have The Answers!

What makes RosterElf the best-rated rostering software on Xero?

RosterElf is highly rated for its seamless integration with Xero, automatic award interpretation, and user-friendly features that ensure compliance and save time.

How does the RosterElf and Xero integration benefit my business?

The integration allows automatic transfer of timesheets and employee data, ensures Fair Work compliance, and speeds up payroll processing, reducing stress and errors.

Can RosterElf help with Fair Work compliance?

Yes, RosterElf's automatic award interpretation system helps ensure Fair Work compliance by accurately calculating wages based on Australian awards.

How can I see my labour costs before processing payroll?

RosterElf provides a feature to view labour costs before sending them to payroll, allowing better financial planning and control.

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