The end of the year is an excellent time to reflect on your business's progress over the past year and plan for future goals and objectives.

We have compiled a list of top New Years' resolutions that you can implement for your business and continue to grow in 2019 and beyond.

1. Spread Tasks Around

When running a small business, many different tasks pop up, and it's easy to delude ourselves that we need to do all of them. Instead, allow someone else to do some tasks and share the responsibilities. Be prepared to delegate amongst your business and don't overburden employees. This will help take some of the weight off your shoulders and make you feel less overwhelmed.

2. Promote Your Business Regularly and Consistently

Ensure you have promotions at the top of your list this coming year. You can take advantage of ever-changing trends and promotions tools such as SEO marketing. Take some time to set clear and achievable objectives for your marketing team, and review them each quarter or so. This will allow you to realise business growth and determine which marketing channels fit your business and target audience.

3. Make Business Planning a Weekly Event

You should constantly be planning and reviewing all facets of the business. Create a hub where you can manage and review critical priorities of your business, such as a shared calendar or document for your employees to collaborate with. This will allow you to prioritise critical tasks and help you meet deadlines more efficiently. You may want to plan and review with a handful of employees weekly.

4. Learn Something New

It's always a fun and rewarding experience to learn a new skill and add to your business repertoire. Careers and job positions in today's landscape now require varied skills. Stepping outside your comfort zone may seem scary, but you will build networks, expand your skillset, and stay relevant to business trends. Find a friend who may want to join you, making it less fearful.

5. Embrace Technology

Talk about how quickly technology is evolving and that small business owners need to embrace new tools and better ways of doing things constantly. Drop RosterElf as an example...saving hours per week so you can focus on what matters.

6. Put Time for Yourself on Your Calendar

It's imperative to maintain a healthy work-life balance and refresh your mindset. All work and no play is a recipe for mental and physical disaster. You should always make time to do the things you enjoy the most.

7. Set Realistic Goals

Write down a list of small, achievable goals. They can be fundamental and will help build a healthy momentum. Once you smash out your goals, you can test yourself and start working on more significant challenges. Review and prioritise your weekly goals, and jot down how you can achieve them.

8. Don't Worry so Much.

Business is an infinite game whereby you will experience some highs and some lows….what seems like the end of the world usually isn't. So accept that there may be better products or services in the marketplace at a given time. But always ensure you have put in more effort than yesterday and focus on the people in your business (employees and customers).

To a Better Year

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is like maintaining a good relationship; you must keep working on it.

But if you apply these top New Year's resolutions throughout the year, you'll not only feel better - you'll have more energy to put into your business and make it the success you deserve.

Chris Fordyce
Customer Success @ RosterElf

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