More and more of our clients are working smarter by sharing staff across multiple business sites. To avoid the chances of double rostering an employee across two different sites, RosterElf is pleased to announce the launch of our "Muti-site detection" feature.

Our new algorithm will now mark any employee rostered at one site during a specific time in red (unavailable) when trying to fill the same role on another site, so you cannot accidentally double roster them.

The same warning will also appear if you use RosterElf's functionality to copy a previous roster or upload a roster template. The intelligent little algorithm will warn of any roster conflicts automatically. You can review the issues and swap these shifts out with other staff.

The team at RosterElf hope you enjoy the convenience of this new feature which will save you time and reduce the chances of publishing a roster with any conflicts.

Feel free to drop us a line if you would like any more information or would like a demonstration of this new tool.


Team RosterElf