JUNE 2023 Product Updates

You will notice a number of small but powerful improvements and features that went live in June 2023 on your RosterElf account. 

1. Free Accountant and Bookkeeper Access. 

For many of our customers, your trusted accountant or bookkeeper is integral to your operation, assisting with payroll and employee setup. 

That's why we have decided to allow users to add a FREE account for accountants and bookkeepers. 

Learn more about RosterElf's new Accountant Access HERE

2. Improved Employee Permissions 

RosterElf has a range of permission levels to enable you to ensure each employee has the right access. However, in June, we greatly improved the usability.

Admins can now view, filter and edit employee permissions directly from the staff tab. 

To learn more, read HERE.

3. Switching Between Multiple Accounts

Many of our customers have more than one RosterElf account and need to switch between accounts.  

We have improved this feature, making switching between accounts easier than ever. 

To learn more, read HERE.

4. New Reports Module

In June, we launched our new reports module which you will now see live on your account. 

All reports have a new, cleaner designer and users can mark their most used reports as a 'Favourite' to make quick access easy. 

Whilst only two reports are live on this new module, we will be pushing over 30 reports live over coming weeks. 

Read more about our new Reports module HERE


Thanks to everyone that has provided feature requests on our Feature Request page. One of our most feature-packed releases is currently in the works. The Roster screen is a screen that is heavily used in the system, and we have listened to the feature requests and have some exciting news in store.

Some of the exciting improvements to Rosters are:

  • Move week to week in the roster
  • Copy and paste shifts to a new day
  • Add repeating shifts
  • Comprehensive filtering and roster viewing options
  • Ability to have a different roster cycle to payroll cycle
  • Ability to roster fortnightly
  • Better roster print-outs
  • Improvements to roster templates
  • Click anywhere in the roster to add a shift
  • Single view rostering - the ability to add draft shifts into a published roster
  • Publish single-shift changes
  • Substantial rostering improvements for NDIS and other service industries which require rostering across large volumes of client's homes
  • Live roster warning system
  • View shifts that are currently pending shift swaps
  • Improved Revenue Forecasting options
  • Reworked create shift modal
  • Custom unpaid breaks for shifts
  • Set the break start time
  • Improved costing in the create shift modal

This will be a large scope of work that will significantly improve the user experience for rostering but will also come with a completely new look and feel. So in future updates before the release, we will announce webinar training to assist with the transition.

Have Questions?

We Have The Answers

What is the new feature for accountant and bookkeeper access in RosterElf?

In June 2023, RosterElf introduced free access for accountants and bookkeepers. Users can now add a free account for their trusted financial professionals to assist with payroll and employee setup. This feature enhances collaboration and ensures smoother financial management.

How have employee permissions been improved in RosterElf?

RosterElf enhanced the usability of employee permissions in June 2023. Admins can now view, filter, and edit employee permissions directly from the staff tab, streamlining the process and providing better control over access levels.

What changes have been made to switching between multiple RosterElf accounts?

In June 2023, RosterElf improved the functionality for switching between multiple accounts. Users with more than one RosterElf account can now switch between accounts more easily, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

What is the new Reports Module in RosterElf?

RosterElf launched a new reports module in June 2023, featuring a cleaner design and the ability to mark frequently used reports as 'Favourites' for quick access. Initially, two reports are live, with over 30 more expected to be released in the coming weeks.

What improvements are coming to the Roster screen in RosterElf?

RosterElf is working on substantial updates to the Roster screen, including features like moving weeks, copying and pasting shifts, adding repeating shifts, and improved filtering options. These updates aim to enhance usability and flexibility for users.

What training will be provided for the new Roster screen updates?

Before the release of the new Roster screen updates, RosterElf will announce webinar training sessions to assist users with the transition. These sessions will help users understand the new features and how to effectively utilise them in their operations.

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