How Small Businesses Save Time and Money with Scheduling Software

Streamlining Staff Roster Management with Advanced Scheduling Solutions

Any company that uses hourly or shift workers must schedule and manage a weekly shift schedule. The procedure is, unfortunately, usually complicated, time-consuming, and stressful for small business managers.

When creating a rota, managers not only need to consider several factors, such as employee preferences and availability. They also usually make adjustments to the schedule due to absences or last-minute employee requests.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that managers who use conventional shift scheduling techniques spend, on average, 4.87 hours per week creating and managing their roster. 

However, adopting automated employee roster software may expedite the procedure. It makes planning and communicating a shift schedule easier to all employees.

In today's ever-changing business landscape, where flexibility and efficiency are paramount, staff rostering has become a crucial aspect for businesses. Technologies like RosterElf are playing a key role in this transformation, offering innovative solutions to meet these evolving needs.

RosterElf goes beyond traditional scheduling, offering features like real-time shift adjustments, automated staff availability tracking, and intuitive user interfaces, making it a standout in the market for efficient staff rostering.

Small businesses particularly benefit from RosterElf's ability to reduce scheduling errors, cut down on administrative time, and enhance overall employee satisfaction with fair and transparent rostering.

We'll review some key reasons your small business could benefit from adopting online shift scheduling software. If you're ready, let's get into it. 

Empower Your Workforce

Rostering software offers options to empower your staff while also making shift scheduling simpler to handle. You convey a degree of trust as the employer that may otherwise be difficult to express by allowing them to swap shifts independently while keeping the final say in the changes. 

Swapping shifts may become more natural and take much less time to set up without needing to contact a manager at every stage.

Save Time by Streamlining Roster Management

The most significant advantage of automatic scheduling software is the considerable amount of management time freed up every week for more productive tasks. Your roster scheduling software is a one-stop shop for managing employee hours once it is set up.

You always have access to the information you need, including lists of employees, their duties, talents, and availabilities, as well as their locations and the shifts that need filling.  

Additionally, there is no need to repeatedly review data from different sources to ensure that the roster is accurate. Once your system is up and running and you have a solution like RosterElf, you can easily replicate a weekly schedule using predefined templates.

Not just that, you can make and approve changes, respond to time-off requests, and communicate with your employees about open shifts. All these are in just a single software you can access on any device and anywhere. 

The software system automatically creates shift data that can be utilised straight for payroll calculations. Thus, removing the need for employees to waste time logging their shifts.

Keep Your Staff Satisfied

An efficient rostering solution benefits management as well as potentially boosts staff satisfaction. Additionally, it promotes a more professional attitude towards absences and a sense of fairness and transparency regarding shift distribution.

Getting shift management right can also help you keep your best employees, as issues with roster schedules are one of the top six reasons workers leave their jobs.

Adjust Immediately to Cancellations

Any moment, there may be a last-minute cancellation. You'll sometimes need someone to fill in for a cancelled shift fast, whether it's because of illness, parenting challenges, or traffic. 

Online roster software will allow you to react to these curveballs promptly and with minor trouble. You only need to immediately notify all qualified employees (through email, text message, or in-app alert) to find cover.

The system is updated in real-time after the shift has been claimed, informing everyone who is needed and when. 

Cut Back on Company Expenses

Any reliable shift scheduling programme will probably have a monthly subscription, but it will almost certainly end up paying itself. And all small and large businesses can utilise RosterElf for free for 30 days.

Aside from freeing up many hours each week for market growth, adopting employee scheduling software also helps eliminate understaffing and overstaffing. As a result, you won't spend money on salaries that aren't required or lose money when business is at its busiest.

Further, you can easily extract critical financial data from the program and compare it to your projected payroll costs. Plus, you'll be making significant progress on maximising your shift schedule to sync with the financial goals of your business.

Keep the Schedule Accurate and Current

Your employees may not immediately access the recent shift data if you rely on a spreadsheet or printout to publicise your weekly roster. Inaccuracies like missing shifts or two employees showing up for the exact schedule can be costly and stressful due to misunderstandings.

Using innovative scheduling software, like RosterElf, keeps everyone updated on schedule changes. A system with automated alerts that eliminates the need for endless schedule messaging between employees and managers. 

Final Thoughts

Employee scheduling software, such as the comprehensive software provided by RosterElf, helps you keep an eye on your bottom line while making better use of your time and energy. 

Contact a member of our team at RosterElf to see how we can support you in making a decision that will streamline your work whilst increasing the profitability of your business.

RosterElf: Rostering Made Easy

RosterElf's cloud-based payroll and rostering software truly is a game-changer. Say goodbye to roster conflicts and chase employees for their availability to work. Instead, employees can easily update their availability to work and notify managers about it through a smartphone app. 

Staff set the times and days they can work, and RosterElf does the rest. Our software then automatically suggests available employees to fill shifts. 

What are you waiting for? Time to take your rostering and payroll game to the next level and boost your business' performance. Call us now at 1300 353 000, and our team will be more than happy to assist you. 

Discover how RosterElf can transform your business's scheduling efficiency. Enjoy 30-day access to our tool for free and experience the difference in your staff rostering process. 

Have Questions?

We Have The Answers!

How does scheduling software save time for small businesses?

Scheduling software simplifies the creation and management of employee rosters, reducing the time managers spend on these tasks from hours to minutes. It consolidates employee availability, shift swaps, and time-off requests, making roster management more efficient.

Can scheduling software help reduce business expenses?

Yes, scheduling software minimises costs by optimising staffing levels, preventing overstaffing and understaffing, and integrating payroll calculations directly from shift data. This efficiency reduces unnecessary labour costs and ensures resources are allocated effectively.

How does scheduling software improve employee satisfaction?

Scheduling software enhances employee satisfaction by promoting fairness and transparency in shift assignments. Employees can easily swap shifts, request time off, and see their schedules in real-time, reducing conflicts and improving overall job satisfaction.

What features does RosterElf offer to small businesses?

RosterElf provides real-time shift adjustments, automated staff availability tracking, and an intuitive user interface. It also supports quick communication for shift coverage and integrates with payroll systems to streamline administrative tasks.

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