In any business, there are a great deal of repetitive tasks to do. After a while, you’d think that it would become second nature to someone, but somehow, there are always those who continually forget. You now are spending a rather large chunk of your time playing baby sitter and are constantly telling staff what to do, aren’t you? So were we.

In fact, we got so frustrated that we developed a solution of Automatic Reminders within our rostering software, RosterElf, so you can simplify your life and focus on more important tasks.

Here’s 2 of our Automatic Reminders for instance:

1. Staff Reminder to Update Availability.

We will send a reminder to all staff each week encouraging them to update their availability and other relevant information as their situation changes. By doing this, your database will remain up-to-date and will help you roster within minutes. An added bonus? It will also reduce the amount of Shift Swaps!

2. Managers Reminder to Publish a Roster.

Are your rosters struggling to get published? We will automatically send a reminder to all Managers reminding them to create/post the next roster, creating happy staff and a reduction of delays. Everyone wins.

You can just set and forget.

What are you going to do with your free time?


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