Xero is a cloud-based accounting software built especially for small to medium-sized enterprises.

The software is well-known for its ease of use and linkability with over 1,000 applications, expanding its capability for a wide range of business requirements.

RosterElf is a cloud-based employee rostering software that offers an all-in-one solution for staff scheduling, payroll integration, and workforce management. 

It is designed to save businesses time and money while increasing efficiency.

The integration of RosterElf with Xero offers several benefits that streamline the management of staff scheduling and payroll to business owners.

Here are some benefits mentioned to give you a clear and precise idea about the integration process.

Seamless Process:

RosterElf is a Xero-approved add-on that ensures a smooth workflow from start to finish.

It enables the direct transmission of authorized timesheets from RosterElf to Xero, making team administration easier regardless of size.

It helps streamline payroll and minimize human error.

Time and Attendance Tracking:

The cloud-based system of RosterElf simplifies employee scheduling and its time-tracking and digital clock-in-out features.

It speeds up the payroll approval via XERO.


Hiring and training employees is crucial to the success of any organization. Finding the right individuals for the right role takes time.


By integrating Xero with RosterElf, business owners and managers can save a lot of time by not entering employee data into two separate systems.


Adding employee details to Rosterelf will automatically appear in Xero and vice versa with just a few clicks.


This integration is highly beneficial in terms of the onboarding process for new employees, which will take only a few minutes and clicks.

Syncing Employee Leave Balances:

Many business owners continue to rely on manual processes for rostering, timesheets and even calculating employee leave balances.

Based on the integration between Xero and RosterElf, all leave requests can be synced, making it simple to handle employee sick leave, annual leave, and unpaid leave.

This helps businesses eliminate the impact of manual data entry and reduce the risk of errors as well.

Customisable Award Templates:

RosterElf rostering software provides fully customizable pay templates that allow the business to handle every condition and award.

The setup has a full range of pay conditions which enables businesses to provide award levels to their specific requirements.

This kind of feature isn't available in all the rostering software, making RosterElf the best Xero-integrated rostering software.

Supporting the Xero Tracking Codes:

RosterElf staff rostering software supports Xero tracking codes for both sites and positions, allowing for financial tracking and reporting.

The tracking categories help you in understanding how different areas of business are performing. Therefore, the report helps the business owners in making proactive decisions.

Rosterelf integration helps in reviewing reports by tracking categories. For example: Tracking Summary Reports, Financial reports, payroll reports, Profit and loss reports, etc.

Cost Savings and Efficiency:

The combination of RosterElf's live budgeting tool and XERO's time tracking leads to time savings in payroll processing and helps businesses stay within the budget

It helps in drastically reducing the costs.

These seven points emphasize the relationship between RosterElf's staff scheduling features and XERO's financial capabilities, resulting in a framework that improves team and financial management efficiency.

These advantages suggest that the integration of Xero with RosterElf can greatly improve business operations related to staff scheduling and payroll management, resulting in higher resource utilization and operational efficiency.

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