Building a Roster or Staff Schedule can be a complex and time-consuming task, the perfect roster is another step altogether. Selecting which staff to work on which day, sharing shifts around, keeping to a budget can all get too much. As a manager, you will have a range of other areas of your business to focus on such as performance and training so the quicker you can get rostering and scheduling under control the better off you will be.

At RosterElf we developed an intuitive and sophisticated staff scheduling software that will help managers meet business targets. Our web version, smartphone and tablet apps help take the stress out of staff scheduling and ensure you have the best performing team around you. If however you're still a fan of manual rosters we also have some great Free Roster Templates you can use till you're ready to automate and save time.

So that you can build the perfect roster each week that will help you meet sales targets and labour costs, we've put together our 7 top tips to build the complete roster for your business:

1. Plan

Plan ahead what positions you need filling for certain days and how traffic has been recently. Speak with other managers about what shifts need to be covered and your staff list.

2. Staff Availability

Communicate with staff to update their availabilities any chance they get. If you are rostering manually then this can be time consuming but if you're running an automated rostering system with staff managed availability, this is already done. This will give you peace of mind and help roster on the best-qualified staff for your shifts.

3. Sites and positions

Enter correct sites and position for your business, easy for a single site but if you're running staff across multiple venues or multiple stations within a venue this can quickly become complex. Automated rostering programs can quickly help find the best qualified staff to fill in a shift at your selected site and specific position.

4. Pay rates

Provide all of your business’ pay rates, loadings and salaries that a covered under your specific business award scheme. This will help understand labour cost and create accurate timesheets for your payroll provider to pay your staff.

5. Daily and weekly view

We recommend rostering day by day and ensuring key positions have been filled. You can copy rosters day by day and work around them. Once your happy with each day’s roster you can then look at the weekly view and see f shifts have been shared around and covered.

6. Leave

Put the onus on staff to update any leave requests they may have, which will allow you to roster only available and qualified staff for your shifts. It won’t roster someone on if they are on holiday leave. Managers can use leave information for their payroll provider to enter any annual leave for that period.

7. Web version

We recommend managers build and publish main rosters with the web version of RosterElf. The web version provides a greater view of rosters, and smartphones can be used to make small alterations to rosters.

Be sure to onboard your staff where they can download the RosterElf smartphone app to update their availability and check their upcoming shifts. This will allow you to keep everyone happy and allow you to roster weeks and months in advance.

Once you are happy with a roster, you can save it as a favourite to be used again and again. RosterElf will even let you know if a staff member is unavailable or on leave when you've copied rosters. You won’t have to worry about who you are going to roster on each week or do I have the best-qualified person rostered on. You will be able to focus on other areas of your business and ensure your staff are happy about their shifts.

You can download our full suite of supporting apps here:

 Apple iOS Time Clock

 Google Android Time Clock

 Apple iOS RosterElf

 Google Android RosterElf

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