Business podcasts have become a popular and effective tool for business owners to stay informed and learn about various aspects of business management, marketing, and leadership. Business podcasts can cover a wide range of topics, including business strategy, sales, branding, customer service and marketing. 

With the growing popularity of podcasts, they have become an important resource for anyone looking to start or grow a business. We have put together the seven best Australian podcasts for small to medium-sized businesses.

1. The Small Business Big Marketing Show

Hosted by Tim Reid, an Australian marketing expert, author, and speaker. The podcast is for small business owners and entrepreneurs seeking practical and actionable marketing advice to help grow their businesses. The podcast features interviews with successful small business owners and marketing experts. Tim Reid also shares his marketing tips and strategies from his years of experience working with small businesses. You will learn about branding, social media, and customer experience.

2. The Business Experiment

This podcast is run by business partners and entrepreneurs Simone Douglas and Stacey Morgan, featuring real-life case studies and interviews with successful business owners. One unique feature of The Business Experiment podcast is that the hosts occasionally conduct "experiments" to test out different business strategies and report on their results. This approach allows listeners to see how different strategies work in practice and provides practical insights for entrepreneurs looking to improve their businesses.

3. Hint of Hustle

Business strategist and coach Heather Sagers's podcast is aimed at entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for advice and inspiration to help them grow their businesses. Each episode of Hint of Hustle features an interview with a successful entrepreneur or business leader who shares their insights and strategies for building a successful business. The guests come from various industries and backgrounds, each with a unique approach to business and entrepreneurship.

4. The Small Business Boss Podcast

Maggie Patterson, a marketing strategist and business coach, is the host of this podcast. The podcast is ideal for small business owners who want to grow their businesses while maintaining their sanity and work-life balance. The key theme of The Small Business Boss Podcast is the importance of building a sustainable and profitable business without sacrificing one's personal life and well-being. Maggie emphasises the need for small business owners to set boundaries, manage their time effectively, and prioritise self-care.

7 podcasts for small businesses

5. The My Business Podcast

Produced by My Business, a leading small business publication in Australia, this podcast features interviews with successful business owners and experts. It covers topics such as finance, marketing, and growth strategies. The podcast is for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to learn from the experiences of other successful business owners. The My Business Podcast has been running since 2015 and has become one of the most popular podcasts in Australia for small business owners.

6. The Brand Builders Lab

Hosted by branding expert Suz Chadwick. This podcast covers branding, marketing, and business growth strategies. It features interviews with successful entrepreneurs and experts in various fields. The "Brand Builder's Hot Seat" is a podcast section where Suz Chadwick works with a listener to provide personalised advice and feedback on their brand and marketing strategy.

7. The Business Wilderness

This podcast is hosted by Amrit Sandhu, a business consultant and entrepreneur. The podcast targets entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking inspiration and practical advice to grow their businesses. One of the unique features of The Business Wilderness is the "Wilderness Moments" segment, where Amrit shares his own personal experiences and insights into the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship.

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