Motivation isn’t clear cut and nor will it ever be. So how are you supposed to motivate every staff member on your pay roll? You pay them for a job, and you want that job done quickly and efficiently. Follow these 4 steps to help your motivation techniques become more inspiring and boost your productivity!

1. Get to know your staff

Motivation is about exciting your team. So how are you meant to excite someone when you don’t know what excites them? Getting to know your staff is a very simple thing but it can be extremely powerful for you. Get to know what influences them and use it to your advantage. You’ll start to notice in your one-on-one conversations a change in body language and attentiveness when you use certain phrases. Chances are, you've hit the nail on the head and that’s what’s going to work.

2. The bigger picture

When you, as a business owner, think about your business, what excites you? Is it:

    (a) What the businesses has become and is doing for you and the community? Or

    (b) The day-to-day tedious tasks that you find yourself doing constantly?

Your staff are thinking the same thing! The less and less they become motivated, the more they feel insignificant to the bigger picture of company progress (a) and feel like they are irrelevant and are doing work (b) all day and feeling ignored. They lose focus on what they are doing and why they are doing it. Don’t forget to remind them how they fit into the business, that what they are doing actually has an impact and compliment and thank them for their continued support in your company.

3. Process

In theatre, they say there are no small roles, just small actors. Connect this way of thinking into your business and reinforce in your employees that no step is insignificant and that you consider every, however seemingly small, piece of work as crucial to your company success. Make them familiar with the required chain of events and communicate the impact of a delay. Unmotivated staff are more prone to procrastination. Highlighting the consequences that could arise if what they are doing becomes delayed can help change the way they think about what they are doing. Their knowledge is your company's power

4. Treat your staff right

If your treat your staff right and fairly, the more likely they are to listen to you and what you have to say, making your motivational techniques more persuasive. This will pay off at crucial times in your company's progress. Stop messing them around with confusing communications or constantly updating and changing their roster. Try using a scheduling software that will take care of all the hassle for you. RosterElf, for example, will take care of all your rostering and communication needs. Give them what they want and what they need to make it an enjoyable workplace for all. If they enjoy where they work, then they wont rebel against management and will be more loyal to you in the long run.

5. Acknowledgment

Acknowledging and rewarding the efforts of your staff is the perfect way to lay groundwork for future motivation. They’ll have prior knowledge of their past success and recognition and won’t become sour and aggravated next time something more is asked of them. The recognition will motivate them to keep doing what they are doing, at the same level and productivity that they are doing it at.The management team of any business needs to be a constant source of motivation for staff members. Without it, your business will become less and less productive and that ‘bigger picture’ will recede further and further out of your reach.


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