See what makes RosterElf a powerful rostering solution and why you should NOT use RosterElf. You will regret this decision, though.

1. You will realise how much time you wasted using excel sheets and templates

Manual rostering is time-consuming and can cause confusion due to human error. RosterElf automates rostering and shift swap and allows you to save weekly schedule templates. Simply copy previous rosters or upload your template, making your rostering quick and efficient. If you insist on using excel sheets and doing it all manually, then RosterElf is not for you.  

2. RosterElf is magically simple – it’s not for fans of complex a software

Do you like complex and complicated apps overloaded with loads of useless features? Then you might stay away from using RosterElf. Our rostering software is lean, easy to use and intuitive. It has all the features you need to streamline your staff management and navigate easily. RosterElf's clean design makes planning employee schedules a breeze.

3. You will realise how much you could have saved on labour

Our rostering solution will show you all shifts for the upcoming weeks in a clear overview. You will see who is scheduled, which position still needs staff added and how much you will spend on labour. You will have all information in one place.

4. You will see when employees are not at work on time

Our time clock and attendance software will help you manage your staff tracking. It allows you to set GPS parameters, time tolerances and clock in and out. See whos late to work and why, and review and overwrite times manually, if needed. If you don’t want to track your staff, you can ignore this brilliant feature – but we do not recommend it.

5. You won’t go through your payroll process step by step – RosterElf’s Xero integration will do this for you

Don’t waste your time managing your payroll step by step every week. By using our Xero payroll integration, you can connect RosterElf directly to your Xero account. This will automate award interpretations and ensures accuracy. You will also see your labour costs before sending it through to payroll. Save time and use it for more important tasks. Do you still want to go through this each week manually? Just skip this feature. You will probably regret this, though.

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