It’s not all about money.

In fact, there are a range of things employees value much more.

Offer these 10 things to your staff in the workplace and they will be more productive and happier. They will even stay with you despite offers of higher pay elsewhere.

1. Pride. 

The first question most people ask someone they meet for the first time is “What do you do”. Love it or hate it, this is a social norm. If your staff can talk with pride around the company, what it does and importantly how vital their role is, this pride they feel inside about working for you will go a long way.

2. Respect. 

Employees want respect, 2-ways. They want to be respected by the boss AND they actually (believe it or not) want to have a boss that demands respect from them. Respect starts with clear boundaries within the company that no-one, boss included, crosses at any stage. Even when performance issue or business stresses arise, employees will value management that handles the situation with respect whilst also demands the same from it's employees.

3. Fairness. 

Favouritism is a employee happiness killer.Treat all employees with the same standards and expectations and this will be appreciated by your employees who will always know where they stand.

4. Open Communication. 

Communication can be open or closed. Open communication exists when anyone in your business feels comfortable to raise issues or concerns openly. Even if management decides not to act on employee feedback, they love an open communication environment, understanding everyone has a right to be heard at all times.

5. Balance. 

Management and owners must understand that despite all the extra hours they do unpaid and unrecognised, most employees have chosen not to seek management responsibility or even become business owners themselves because they want a work-life balance and personal time is important. Rostering your staff fairly with sufficient time off and being careful of overtime expectations will be greatly appreciated by your team.

6. Culture.

“Culture is king,” is one of the most recognisable management quotes but culture is one of the hardest to measure, define and shift. But it is also one of the most important job requirements for staff. Just like you can ‘feel’ when your company culture is off course slightly, so can your employees. If you get this feeling, sit down with your employees to brainstorm why and how it can be put back on track.

7. Security. 

Employees have personal commitments. Mortgages, car loans, families, holiday plans and financial dreams they are striving towards. Most businesses go through challenges of financial instability during their growth and even once they are established. Its important to shelter your employees as much as possible, pay them on-time wherever possible and remain positive.

8. Growth. 

Everyone, even those who don’t recognise it, want to grow. They want to grow personally and professionally. If employees feel like they are not growing, being challenged and have zero opportunities to learn, they will view their job as a paycheque which is not a healthy situation for anyone. Use regular employee reviews to undercover their personal goals and then constantly teach your employees new skills as well as offer those seeking it, more responsibility.

9. To Win. 

Winners are grinners. Lets face it, most companies have competition and are fighting to win marketshare and to be the best. Get your employees behind the goal of being the winning company and they will find motivation to strive for a collective goal.


So we all have to run businesses or work to live in this world. But if your employees can do this AND be you have a powerful combination in your business. Always strive to hit BOTH business goals and also the goal of employee happiness. Both is possible and if you achieve everyone including you will be happier!

So there you go, some great tips on how to give your staff what they want above more money. Focus on these areas as part of business and not only will you and your employee be happier but your business will thrive.

Cheers Simon

CEO/Founder @ RosterElf

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