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RosterElf Pricing Plans

Flexible Pricing to Suit Your Business

At RosterElf, we believe you should only have to pay for what you use. We know that business goes up and down, and during the slow times, nothing is worse than being hit with costs for a service you’re not using.

With no lock-in plans, you can cancel at any time, and depending on the plan you choose; you will only pay for active or rostered employees.

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Are managers charged the same as staff?

Managers are charged the same as staff. You are charged for every active staff member on the account, or that has rostered shifts in the month depending on the plan you select, including management staff. This includes business owners if they are rostered.

Is there a minimum monthly spend?

There is a minimum monthly spend for all accounts. See the pricing table above for the relevant amount in your currency. The minimum covers support and service regardless of the number of staff you have. If you have around five staff, you will generally cover the minimum, and the fee will not affect your total.

What will SMS notifications cost?

SMS notifications are charged per text. The charge is calculated per use and charged monthly with your plan billing.

Will I be charged if I need to re-publish a roster?

You can publish unlimited rosters monthly, and you will be only charged once for each staff member (active or rostered, depending on your plan). This ensures staff working on multiple sites are not double charged.

Will I be charged for inactive employees?

You will not be charged for inactive employees. You will only pay for active or rostered employees, depending on your plan. For businesses like event companies, the Flexi plan might be the best option, where you only pay for staff that have been rostered each month. However, if you have a core team that is mainly all rostered each month, you will get savings by going on the RosterElf or RosterElf pro plan and only being charged for active employees in the account.

How does 15-day free trial work?

Your free trial is valid for 15 days from signup and gives you full access to all features included with RosterElf’s “Pro” plan. Features include rostering, time and attendance, and payroll integration. You’ll also have access to free SMS notifications!

Can I change plans?

After signing up, you can upgrade your plan anytime by heading to your account settings in your browser or getting in touch with one of our support team. The month you are in will be billed at the current rate, and all months forward will be billed as per the new plan. If you have any further questions about pricing and our flexible plans, make sure to reach out to our team.

How much will my RosterElf fees be?

With RosterElf, you only pay for active or rostered staff depending on the selected plan. RosterElf and RosterElf Pro are both charged per active employee per month. You can publish unlimited schedules, and staff can feature on any number of rosters/shifts with no additional costs. The monthly charge will be the number of active staff multiplied by the monthly plan rate (see pricing table for details).

On the RosterElf Flexi plan, you are only charged for staff on rosters in any month. Again, you can have unlimited rosters/shifts and locations in the month, and you will only be charged for the rostered employee once for the month. The monthly charge will be the number of staff rostered in the month multiplied by the monthly plan rate (see pricing table for details).

Each plan also has a monthly minimum spend of around five staff per month. The fee will have no effect if you are rostering the minimum staff. You will be charged a small fee if you have no staff active / rostered in a month. This helps us host and maintain your data and ensure we can offer all customers the highest level of support.

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