Rostering Software. Magically Simple.

Rostering Just Got Sexy.

Daily Sliding Bars.

Daily View
The “Daily View” uses beautiful sliding bar technology that enables you to visually adjust shifts times to meet your budget and business needs.

This perspective makes it easy to see gaps and overlaps on each day for perfect staff coverage across the week whilst staying within budget.

Simple and Beautiful.

Create Rosters In The Cloud.

Weekly View
RosterElf’s “Weekly View” is a great way of seeing the week as a whole including employee workload and overall coverage.

Copy previous rosters or templates, see costs live and make any adjustments to the week before publishing.

Super Algorithm.

Automatically Fill Shifts.

Find Staff Tool
You don’t need to think about who is available, RosterElf does all the thinking for you based on the information submitted by your employees into their account.

Our clever algorithm automatically suggests perfect matches for each shift based on employees that are both available and qualified for the role.

Meet Your Budgets.

Your Accountant Will Love You.

Real Time Costs
Our budgeting tool is designed to be both simple and powerful to use, calculating costs live as you build and adjust your roster.

Set you business targets each week and see all the information to make sure you’re within budget including total hours, labour cost, average pay-rate and even labour percentage to sales.

RIP Timesheets.

Clock-in-Out Made Easy.

Simply mount a iPad or Android tablet in your business and employees can clock in and out of each shift with ease.

Employees are required to leave comments if they are working outside of rostered times and RosterElf will prompt them to take a picture as proof of attendance.

Process to Payroll.

Seemless Award Interpretation.

Payroll Integration
Easily compare rostered vs actual hours, view staff comments and photo proof then send approved timesheet directly to you payroll provider including our partners below.

Payroll Integration

Shift Swaps.

Zero Stress But Full Control.

Shift Swaps
RosterElf handles shift swaps with ease.

Even after a roster is published, any request from staff to change or swap shifts are handled automatically.

Happy Staff.

Employees Know What’s Going On.

My Shifts
Each employee has their own individual “My Shifts” section which they can access via our iPhone or Android app or from a PC.

Staff can view up to two months into the future including any updates and changes that have been made to ensure they are always up to date.

Stop Chasing Staff.

Let Them Keep Us Updated.

Employee Availability
With RosterElf you will spend zero time chasing employees for their availability to work and keeping records.

Employees set and update their own availability directly into RosterElf including requests for leave that require approval.

Give RosterElf a go for free. No credit card. No obligations.

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