Business can often replicate life lessons. For example, we all know if you want to improve your fitness, the key is consistent daily training. The same goes for saving money or investing. A consistent approach always wins if you want to create anything meaningful.

Like many business owners and entrepreneurs, you can get caught between juggling your massic to-do list and getting excited about your next big idea that you can let the regular routines with your employees slip.

Let's look at the effects of what can happen with a lack of consistency in management. 

1. Create a consistent routine

If you don't commit to consistent routines with your employees as a leader, you tell them they can let their day-to-day tasks slip too.

By cancelling meetings and not following up on tasks, your team will think they can do the same and quickly, jobs will start to slip through the cracks. Suddenly cleaning standards drop, costs increase, paperwork becomes disorganised, and things get forgotten.

2. Be consistent in creating efficiency

Structure sets you free! By creating routine and structure, you will make more efficiencies throughout your business. 

Without consistency, staff members may feel lost and could start to show signs of being unproductive. 

3. Spend less time-fighting fires

Similarly, when consistent routines of leaders slip, problems will start to emerge. You'll slowly begin to find yourself fighting fires frequently instead of spending more time growing the business. These 'fires' are often avoided if leadership has kept up with a consistent approach.

4. Make sure to train management

Don't forget one of your core tasks as a leader is to empower other leaders. Business owners must continually coach and develop talent to step into management when they are right. 

Suppose you are not following consistent management routines yourself. In that case, this sets a horrible example for the next group of leaders, and you will find that when asked to step up, these individuals don't run a smooth operation.

If you've failed to be a steadfast and consistent leader, don't fret. Tomorrow is a new day; you can quickly turn things around and find leadership success. Consistency takes time, so don't rush. The business will get there slowly but surely. 

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