The world has changed and as such, younger employees expect a new type of leader.

So what does a 2016 "Leader" look like?

1. In the Trenches.

Look at the best military leaders of all time. When it came time for their troops to face a challenge, they were in the trenches with them, showing them it could be done and not to be afraid.

2. Ask and Listen. 

Leaders consult with and listen to their employees. They do not bark orders. Leaders ask a lot of questions, pose problems and ask employees to troubleshoot to find solutions together. More importantly, leaders ask them to help suggest ideas. Employees feel engaged, valued and importantly, are much more inclined to follow the leader.

3. Don't Terrify....Motivate!

Leaders offer calm but firm counsel as well as training and support. Ruling through fear achieves nothing other intimidation and employee discontent.

4. Kindness. 

Employees give up most of their waking time for you. Showing you appreciate this by caring about them personally goes a long way to creating loyalty. The small things matter more than big gestures. Remember their birthday, ask them about personal interests and drop them a phone call when they get home from a medical procedure to ask how they are.

If you constantly challenge yourself to review your leadership style, both you and your employees will be happier and your business results will shine.


Simon Ingleson

CEO/Founder @ RosterElf

Online Rosting Software