Online Scheduling Software for Disability Support Workers

Manage disability support workers and NDIS staff all in one place with the complete support workforce management software that allows you to build conflict-free schedules bases on qualifications, skills, and locations.

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Disability Support Worker Rostering Software

Key features that enable you to build smarter schedules, engage with employees and reduce time on administrative tasks so you can work on giving the best care possible for all clients.  

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Simplify on-shift scheduling

Schedule disability support carers fast and take your time delivering the highest quality care for patients and their families.  

  • Make immediate changes when bookings change and update staff via SMS and email notifications. 
  • Fill shifts based on required skills, qualifications, and positions. 
  • Avoid conflicts while scheduling with real-time employee availability and leave requests.

Track time without paper

Stay on top of your carer’s time and attendance with the help of the RosterElf digital time clock app that produces easy to use timesheets for simple time tracking. 

  • Staff can clock into their shifts digitally, so you know when they’re on site. 
  • Managers can export digital timesheets to your chosen payroll solution.  
  • Manage break and rest compliance for your disability support workers using the digital clock in and out tracking.
Shift swapping capabilities
Approved hours for payroll

Keep your team engaged 

Connect with your team of disability support workers with the RosterElf iOS and Android mobile apps. Immediately update the team with SMS and email notifications. 

  • Alert managers when staff request leave and shift swaps with other employees. 
  • Notify your team of carers when schedules change immediately using the RosterElf app.
  • Reduce employee turnover by releasing the schedule with enough notice and communicating changes.

Track labour costs and import to your accounting system

In addition to scheduling your carers, track labour costs and use the live budgeting tool to build schedules that keep you on budget. Once the shifts are complete simply push the data into your accounting or payroll software.

  • Manage regular, on-call, overtime and shift premium pay awards for support workers. 
  • Export digital timesheets to your chosen payroll solution with the click of a button. 
  • Compare staff hours worked to scheduled hours.  
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Seamless Payroll Integration
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Disability Support Staff Scheduling Software 

Why choose RosterElf for your team of disability support workers?

With constant changes in your client's schedules, you need the ability to update schedules on the fly, cut down admin time and notify staff of changes in the snap of your fingers.

Core Challenges

  • Scheduling support workers by qualifications and availability. 
  • Recording accurate attendance and overtime for payroll.  
  • Making changes to schedules on the go.

RosterElf Solutions

  • Assign specific qualifications to staff, and employees can manage their availability.  
  • The digital time clock produces accurate digital timesheets.  
  • The RosterElf mobile roster app allows you to make schedule changes anytime, anywhere.


We have the answers.

Can I match patients with preferred support workers?

Yes, you can match disability support workers with specific patients based on qualifications and availability.  

This way you get the right support workers in the right positions every time.

Does RosterElf automatically calculate disability support worker awards? 

When you process payroll, awards for support workers will be automatically calculated, keeping you fair work compliant. 

RosterElf has been designed to allow for a range of NDIS payment rates and can be customised to suit your application.

Is the RosterElf app for Android and iOS?

Both the RosterElf mobile roster app and time clock tablet app are Android and iOS friendly. 

Can disability support staff swap shifts with other staff?

Staff can swap shifts with other staff but the system will only will only allow staff to bid on shifts that they meet the same qualification and availability requirements for.  

Can I automate scheduling for my team of support workers?

Using roster templates, you can easily copy and paste previous schedules to fit future demand and patient needs. 

Can I communicate real-time updates to support workers with patients? 

You can immediately update your staff on any shift changes, new schedules, and leave request approvals via email or SMS notifications straight from the RosterElf mobile app or WebApp. 

How will I know if my support workers have worked overtime? 

When support workers clock out past the hours they were scheduled, they will be prompted to leave a note explaining why. You can then make an informed decision on approved hours. 

How long does it take to set up RosterElf?  

With the help of our rostering experts, you can get your RosterElf account set up and start saving time in about 15 minutes.

For more complex setups you may need around an hour but we have free onboarding support and our team of experts are here to help.

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