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Time and Attendance Solutions

Effortless payroll with precise timesheets and attendance.

  • Say goodbye to paper timesheets
  • Digital time tracking with our clock-in-out app
  • Tablet Kiosk application
  • GPS-enabled mobile app
  • Monitor attendance in real time
  • Gather staff feedback
  • Validate hours for payroll processing

Digital Timesheets NZ

No paperwork issues with our Staff Time and Attendance Tracker

Tablet-Based Staff Attendance Software for NZ

GPS Mobile Time Clock Apps

Instant updates on staff attendance

Tablet-Based Staff Attendance Software for NZ

RosterElf's mobile app leverages GPS technology, confirming on-site presence before employees clock in or out via smartphones. This feature ensures precise accountability for staff and your enterprise. Discover more about our time clock application.

Ideal for businesses with staff at various sites or those lacking a tablet, like expansive hospitality venues, festivals, or entertainment areas, the GPS function is a perfect fit.

Clients can personalize the app extensively, from defining location coordinates to adjusting GPS sensitivity to meet specific needs.

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Digital Time Clock App for Tablets

Efficient On-Site Employee Time Tracking System

Staff Time Clock App for Efficient Management

RosterElf's Digital Time Clock app, available for iOS and Android tablets, offers an ideal solution for New Zealand businesses with stationary locations.

Install the app on any iPad or Android tablet within your establishment, and your team can effortlessly start and end their shifts. This app is specially designed for New Zealand businesses, ensuring easy compliance with local labour laws.

It encourages staff to add notes for any hours worked beyond their scheduled times and includes a photo verification feature, integrating smoothly with our comprehensive rostering system.

Staff Time Clock App for Efficient Management
Advanced Staff Rostering Solutions

Efficient Shift Time Auditing & Approval

Manage Wage Costs Effectively Anywhere

Advanced Staff Rostering Solutions

RosterElf's innovative platform displays real-time data and centralizes all employee time tracking records. This feature is especially useful for New Zealand businesses, offering a streamlined process to review and integrate data directly with our payroll system.

Our system showcases scheduled times, actual clock-in and out times, and a summary of any variances per shift tailored for the New Zealand work environment.

Employers have access to photo evidence and staff remarks, aiding in the decision-making process for payroll approval. Select the hours, approve them, and export seamlessly within our intuitive rostering software.

Streamlined Digital Timesheet Management

Efficient Online Attendance Tracking

Streamlined Digital Timesheet Management

Transform the way you track employee hours with RosterElf's cutting-edge digital timesheet apps. Say goodbye to outdated time cards and cumbersome manual tracking. Our application is a game-changer for New Zealand businesses, offering a modern approach to recording shift details and generating accurate digital timesheets.

This precise time management tool is not just a boon for your accountants; it positively impacts your financial performance. RosterElf's solution ensures meticulous tracking of employee hours, contributing to more efficient operations and a healthier bottom line for your business in New Zealand.

Streamlined Digital Timesheet Management
NZ Digital Clock In/Out System

Simplified Digital Clock In/Out System

The Most User-Friendly Time and Attendance App

NZ Digital Clock In/Out System

RosterElf's digital time-tracking apps revolutionize how staff in New Zealand manage their work hours. Employees can effortlessly clock in and out of their shifts, whether they're on-site, using their mobile or tablet apps. This intuitive system is designed to prompt workers to add comments for any extra hours worked or if they're late for a shift, and even offers a photo verification feature.

Ideal for businesses with multiple employees, these apps are a perfect replacement for traditional timesheet calculators, streamlining attendance management and enhancing accuracy in New Zealand workplaces.

Effortless Payroll Integration with Attendance System

Sync Seamlessly with Your Payroll Software

Comprehensive Budget Reporting Tools

RosterElf simplifies the bridge between work attendance and payroll processing for New Zealand businesses. After each shift, effortlessly approve the hours worked. Once staff timesheets are greenlit for payroll, seamlessly export them to your preferred payroll software through our advanced integration capabilities. This feature is crucial in avoiding any timesheet compliance issues.

Our integration options include leading platforms like Xero, MYOB, Sage, and a CSV export function compatible with numerous other accounting systems.

Beyond just integration, RosterElf's payroll feature also intelligently calculates award interpretations and overtime, ensuring your business adheres to New Zealand's Fair Work standards, keeping payroll management accurate and compliant.

Comprehensive Budget Reporting Tools

Efficient Work Attendance App by RosterElf

Simplify Time Tracking in Your Business

Say goodbye to the hassle of tracking time entries and chasing timesheets. RosterElf introduces a revolutionary, free time clock app for Android and iOS, specifically designed for New Zealand businesses. This app offers a straightforward solution to implement an effective attendance system.

Crafted with the unique needs of business owners in mind, our attendance tracking app is the product of insights from entrepreneurs themselves. It's tailored to streamline attendance management, making it a breeze for employers and employees in New Zealand.

                              RosterElf's iOS App: Tailored for New Zealand Businesses

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Time and Attendance Questions?

We have the answers.

What are the best time and attendance tracking features for rostering software in New Zealand businesses?

Ideal rostering software in New Zealand offers real-time attendance tracking, seamless payroll integration, and compliance with local labor laws. Apps like RosterElf provide these features, enhancing workforce management efficiency.

How can software improve staff scheduling efficiency in New Zealand?

Efficient staff scheduling software in New Zealand, like RosterElf, uses smart algorithms for shift planning, considering staff availability and business needs, thereby optimizing workforce deployment and reducing scheduling conflicts.

What makes a time clock app a preferred choice for New Zealand companies?

In New Zealand, a preferred time clock app, such as RosterElf, offers user-friendly interfaces, accurate time tracking, and mobile accessibility, making it easy for employees to clock in/out and for managers to monitor attendance.

How does attendance tracking ensure Fair Work compliance in New Zealand?

Attendance tracking software like RosterElf helps New Zealand businesses ensure Fair Work compliance by accurately recording work hours, managing overtime, and aligning with local employment standards and labor laws.

What are the benefits of using software for payroll integration in New Zealand businesses?

Software like RosterElf benefits New Zealand businesses by streamlining payroll processes. It ensures accurate time tracking, minimizes errors in wage calculation, and easily exports data to payroll systems, saving time and resources.

How does rostering software streamline shift management in New Zealand?

Rostering software, such as RosterElf, streamlines shift management in New Zealand by automating schedule creation, allowing easy shift swaps, and providing real-time updates, thus enhancing operational efficiency.

What advanced features should employee time tracking software offer in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, advanced time-tracking software like RosterElf should offer features like GPS tracking, real-time updates, flexible scheduling, and integration with payroll systems, catering to diverse business needs.

How can New Zealand businesses benefit from a mobile app for time and attendance?

New Zealand businesses benefit from mobile apps like RosterElf for time and attendance by enabling remote clock-ins, providing on-the-go schedule access, and offering real-time data for better workforce management.

What makes digital timesheet management ideal for New Zealand's work environment?

Digital timesheet management, as offered by RosterElf, is ideal for New Zealand's work environment due to its accuracy, ease of use, and integration with payroll systems, leading to efficient and compliant workforce management.

How does software support New Zealand businesses in managing part-time and casual staff schedules?

Software like RosterElf supports New Zealand businesses in managing part-time and casual staff by offering flexible scheduling options, easy shift changes, and clear communication, ensuring smooth operation and staff satisfaction.

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