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RosterElf Pricing Options

Tailored Pricing for Your Kiwi Business

RosterElf understands the fluctuating nature of business in New Zealand. We recognize that expenses during slower periods can be a burden, especially for services not in use.

Our flexible plans come without any long-term commitments, offering the freedom to cancel whenever needed. Your chosen plan determines costs, based solely on the number of active or rostered staff.

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RosterElf: NZ's Premier Roster Management Tool

Are managers and staff charged equally in NZ?

In New Zealand, managers and staff incur the same fees on RosterElf. Charges apply to all active personnel, including managers and business owners with rostered shifts, ensuring a fair and transparent pricing structure tailored to Kiwi businesses.

What's the minimum monthly fee for NZ businesses?

All Kiwi businesses have a minimum monthly fee and cover essential support services. Generally, a team of about five will meet this minimum, making it a cost-effective choice for small to medium-sized NZ enterprises.

Cost of SMS notifications in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, SMS notifications are billed per text, offering a flexible cost structure that aligns with your usage, and is billed monthly alongside your plan.

Re-publishing rosters in NZ: Any additional charges?

New Zealand businesses enjoy the flexibility of publishing unlimited rosters monthly without additional costs, ensuring a single charge per staff member. This is ideal for businesses with multiple sites, preventing double charging.

Are there any charges for inactive employees in NZ with RosterElf?

 In New Zealand, RosterElf does not impose any charges for inactive employees. The platform's flexible plans are designed to accommodate a range of business models, from event companies to core teams. This approach ensures cost-effective solutions specifically for active or rostered staff, making RosterElf an ideal choice for businesses seeking efficient workforce management without unnecessary expenses.

What does the 15-day free trial offer for NZ businesses using RosterElf?

New Zealand companies can take advantage of RosterElf's 15-day free trial to explore all of its features, including advanced rostering and payroll integration, at no cost. This trial period is an excellent opportunity for businesses to experience firsthand how RosterElf can streamline their workforce management, specifically catering to the unique business landscape of New Zealand.

Can NZ businesses change their plans easily?

Changing plans is seamless for NZ businesses, with the ability to upgrade anytime. This flexibility ensures businesses can adapt to changing needs, with billing adjusted accordingly.

What is the Cost of RosterElf in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, RosterElf's pricing depends on the number of active or rostered staff per the selected plan. Both RosterElf and RosterElf Pro charge per active employee monthly. They offer unlimited schedule publications, and staff can be part of any number of rosters/shifts at no extra charge. Your monthly fee equals the count of active staff times the monthly plan rate (see the pricing table for details).

Under the RosterElf Flexi plan, you incur charges only for employees on rosters each month. You can create unlimited rosters/shifts and locations within the month, and you're billed just once per rostered employee monthly. The fee is the monthly count of rostered staff multiplied by the plan rate (refer to the pricing table for specifics).

Each plan includes a minimum monthly expense for around five staff. If you're rostering the minimum, this won't affect your fee. However, if there are no active/rostered staff in a month, a small charge applies. This covers data hosting and maintenance, ensuring high-quality support for all customers.

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