This article covers how to switch payroll cycles on an employee card within Xero so that you can get Xero and RosterElf on the same payroll cycle. 

Click here to change the RosterElf Pay Cycle if your Xero Settings are correct.

Why did you receive the error?


This error occurs because your RosterElf Payroll Cycle is set to weekly, but an Employees Xero card has Payroll Cycle that is set to fortnightly or vice versa. A warning message as per below will indicate this is the issue.

How do you fix this issue?


You will need to log into your Xero account and review all the employee files under the "Employment" tab to ensure they have a "Payroll Cycle" set to weekly as per your RosterElf settings. Alternatively, if you need to have a Fortnightly payroll cycle, you will need to update your RosterElf account to fortnightly, which you can do within the Setting > Payroll tab in the box labelled Payroll Calendar.

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