This article covers how to remove draft timesheets so that you no longer receive the error "Your payroll cannot be processed because you already have a draft timesheet in Xero for the pay-run which will need to be deleted."

Why did you receive the error?


If you receive the warning message below when trying to process payroll from RosterElf to Xero, it means you already have a draft timesheet in Xero for the pay run.

How do you fix this error?


Go to your Xero account, and under the "Payroll" tab in the "Timesheets" section, select the date range of the pay-run. You should see draft timesheets already there.

You will need to delete each of these draft timesheets, one at a time, as Xero does not allow bulk delete of timesheets.

Click on a draft timesheet, and then click "Delete Timesheet".

Once all the timesheets have been deleted, you will be able to process your payroll again from RosterElf.

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