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Before you can send your payroll information directly from your RosterElf account to Xero, it is essential you ensure you have followed these 4 steps to setup your Xero account correctly. Ensuring your Xero Setup is accurate will save you time and ensure that Xero payroll processing goes smoothly. RosterElf's Xero integration software works to push data across without interrupting any of your existing settings.


1. Add a pay calendar


You must have a "Pay Calendar" setup in Xero.

1.1 Go to the "Settings" tab on the top right of the menu bar.

1.2 Select "Payroll Settings".

1.3 You will notice a series of tabs, select the "Calendars" tab which is second from the left.

1.4 Click "Add Pay Calendar" button and a popup box will appear.

1.5 For the"Pay Period" field, select the "Weekly" option.

1.6 For the "Start Date" field, select the date that matches your roster cycle in RosterElf. E.g. If your roster cycle in RosterElf is Monday to Sunday, make sure you select a Monday date.

1.7 For the "First Payment Date" field, select a date that matches the first time you wish to pay your employees. 

2. Set pay items


You need to next set your "Pay Items" in Xero (referred to as "Pay Rules" in RosterElf). Once these are set correctly in Xero, RosterElf will import the rules from Xero to your RosterElf account.

Common "Pay Items" may include Ordinary Time, Late Night, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

2.1 In the same "Settings" => "Payroll Settings" section as step 1, click on the "Pay Items" tab.

2.2 Review all the "Pay Items" listed in your Xero account and, if needed, add extras by clicking on the "Add Earnings Rate" button on the right of screen. 

3. Setup staff


The final step from a Xero side is to ensure all your employees in RosterElf are also setup in your Xero account.

3.1 Go to the "Payroll" tab in the middle of the menu bar.

3.2 Select "Employees" from the drop down menu that appears.

3.3 You should now see a break down of all your "Current" employees. Please make sure all employees in RosterElf are also listed in your Xero account.

3.4 For each employee, you will need to ensure that the first name, last name and email address matches RosterElf. If any do not match, RosterElf will help you try and match manually at a later stage, but it is best to try and make sure details match to begin with. 

3.5 Next click on the second tab from the left titled "Employment".

3.6 For the "Payroll Calendar" field, select "Weekly"

3.7 For the "Earnings Rate" field, select "Ordinary Hours" 

Step 4. Add pay items to each employee


Lastly you need to add your "Pay Items" to each employee, one by one.

Click on each employee in the "Employee" section of the "Payroll" tab and then click on "Pay Template Tab" as per example below.

You will need to add all the "Pay Rules" that apply to each employee by clicking "Add Earnings Line".