This article covers the differences between viewing a roster in the Daily or Weekly view.

Please note this functionality is only available on the RosterElf web app.

What is the difference between the daily and weekly roster view?


RosterElf's rostering system has two views for our customers to use when rostering, Daily and Weekly. The "Daily View" uses a Gantt chart style of operation with vertical bars that can be visually adjusted to change start ad finish times. The "Weekly View" is more of a helicopter view of the entire seven days roster to assist in reviewing overall coverage and managing staff fatigue.


Daily view


The "Daily view" is a visual way of creating and reviewing rosters day by day. Due to its visual nature, this view will enable you to see coverage across each day to identify gaps and well and find shifts that can be cut back in time to meet budgets.

Weekly view

The "Weekly view" is an entirely different view of a roster that has its own benefits. This perspective is a great way to see overall coverage across the week and check that available hours have been fairly shared between employees to manage fatigue.

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