RosterElf's Time Clock app is available for both iPad and Android tablets.

It works on most new tablet formats, but below is an overview of the exact tablet specs and models you will need to use the app.


RosterElf Recommends:  iPad 2 Mini 

If you want to use another iPad version please make sure it is one of the following:

* iPad 2

* iPad Air*

Ipad Air 2

* iPad 2 (3rd Generation)

* iPad 2 (4th Generation)

* iPad Mini

* iPad Mini 2

* iPad Mini 3

NOTE: RosterElf won't work on iPad 1st Generation (2011 or earlier)  NOTE: The operational system running on your tablet must also be iOS 7+


RosterElf Recommends: Galaxy Tab A (8.0, Wi-Fi)

There are over 10,000 Android devices on the market and RosterElf supports over 8000 of them.

However, you are choosing something other than the Android version recommended above, please make sure it has the following specifications:

* Android V4 and above (released since 2013)

* The device must have a resolution of 600 pixels or more.