RosterElf allows you to create as many sites as your business requires.
 Sites can be two things.

1. Sites can be different geographical locations. Under the one RosterElf account a business can operate two different cafes at seperate locations for example. 2. Sites can be different divisions or departments within the one business. Many restaurants operate and roster for the front of house and kitchen separately.

So why set up multiple sites?
 1. Budget separately. Each site can be published separately and therefore you can keep track of the financial performance of each individual site.   2. Management. Each site can have its own managers who can roster and approve changes for that part of the business. This is a great way to divide the responsibility amongst a group of managers in a larger business. 
This also means if you have two seperate businesses on the one account managers can be assigned so they have access to roster and approve payroll for one location but not the other.   3. Filling shifts. If your sites are seperate geographical locations having seperate sites will mean you will never accidentally roster an employee to work at a site they cannot get to.