Payroll Integrations

Seamless Connection with RosterElf

Once payroll data has been reviewed and approved hours finalised by management, this information can be exported to your chosen accounting or payroll provider with award interpretation calculated automatically.

RosterElf integrates with a range of third-party software solutions including Xero, MYOB, Sage and Wage Easy which eliminates the need for manual data entry therefore reducing the chance of potentially costly errors.

Shift Change Requests

An automatic scheduling feature on your mobile

Employees can manage auto shift swapping through their account on the RosterElf mobile app. Employees can tap the shift they want to swap and leave a comment why.

Once requested, RosterElf will automatically select qualified employees who are available to be notified. Once a replacement is found to get the shift covered, a notification is sent for management approval.

Employee scheduling app

RosterElf's team scheduling software on the go

RosterElf's iOS and Android mobile app make it easy to build and update your work roster anywhere, anytime.

You can change shift times, add a new one, and swap shifts all from your phone. With RosterElf’s push notifications enabled on all mobile devices as well as email, your


Know your wage costs before you publish

Our roster automation budgeting tool calculates wages costs live as you build and update your weekly employee online schedule.

Set your business targets and then adjust your roster to meet your specified KPI's including total hours, labour costs, and average pay-rate. With this powerful staff budgeting tool, you can automate budgeting for your small business.