This article covers how an Admin or Owner can run a roster and payroll report from the RosterElf Web App.

Please note this functionality is only available from the RosterElf web app

Running a roster and payroll report is an easy way to see how many hours any given staff member has worked over a certain period of time, track clock in/out data of the staff and more.


1. Click on rostering & payroll report


To start, click on the reports tab then select the rostering and payroll option from the dropdown.

2. Set the report parameters


Click into each of the report parameter fields to specify whether you want the report to cover all staff or just a single staff member, all sites or just a single site and the date range the report will cover. 
When these are filled out click update on the far right.

3. Export to CSV


When the report updates you can export the data to a CSV file. Click export report and the file will automatically download.