A tip we like to give to new users of RosterElf is to create and use templates as much as possible. They are a fantastic way to save time and avoid rostering mistakes on a weekly basis. 
Having the shifts already in place with the start and finish times takes the thinking out of the weekly task of creating a roster. 

We recommend adding the positions for the full time / permanent part time staff that work the same shifts every week then you are able to add in what we call ghost shifts. 

A ghost shift is a shift position you have created without assigning a person to work it yet. 

You are able to create these positions on the roster and even save them in your templates. 
These positions must be filled or deleted before a roster can be published.


1. Click the + button to start creating a shift


To add a ghost shift to the roster click on the plus button in the middle of the timeline to bring up the select position window.

2. Leave position unfilled


Click on the position you want to create the shift for then instead of clicking select employee click the ‘leave unfilled’ button in the bottom left hand corner of the popup window.

3. Edit ghost shift


The ghost shift will land on the timeline where you can adjust the hours as per normal.

4. Save template


Once you have created your roster with shifts that are filled with staff members or left as ghost shifts you can click the ‘save as template button in the bottom right corner.

5. How to fill a ghost shift


To fill the Ghost shifts with staff members simply click the ? in the middle of the shift and it will take you to the select employee page which is still using RosterElf’s perfect match algorithm. Click from the available staff showing up as available (green). 
Once all the ghost shifts are filled you will be able to publish the roster. 
NOTE: If you have forgotten to fill a ghost shift when you click publish the system will warn you and prompt you to fill the shift or delete it.