RosterElf allows you to give certain staff managerial access to just particular sites within your account.
This is helpful when you have either multiple businesses that have different managers at each on the one account or when you have different departments as different sites within the account that also have different managers for each department.
Giving someone site management access allows them to create and publish rosters for the site you give them managerial access to. 
It will also allow them to approve payroll hours for only those sites also.


1. Select a site


To add a site manager go to to the sites tab then click on a site.

2. Click the + icon to add a manager


Click on the manager's tab in the popup window that has appeared. Then click on the plus button next to managers at *site name*.

3. Select and save


Click to select from the available staff. Hold down shift to select multiple staff at once. 
The selection will automatically save the new site manager.

Your site managers will be displayed as image above.

To add assistant managers repeat the process under the assistants tab.