You are able to add a second block of availability that runs for a certain period of time.
This second availability block overrides your standard availability for the period of time that you select it to apply for.

This was designed for school and uni students who want to make themselves more or less available for things like school holidays or uni study weeks ect.

To add an availability block follow the below steps


1. Go to the my shifts tab


Firstly click on the my shifts tab then click on the plus button next to the my availability header.

2. Name and select week


Give the availability block that describes the reason for the new availability block and select the week block that the availability will apply for.

3. Create new availability


Use the sliding bars to indicate the days and hours you will be available during this new availability.

Click save when you are done and the new availability block will be added to the my availability block in the my shifts tab.

The new availability block can be deleted if needed. Click on the red x to remove.