This article covers how you can use RosterElf's budgeting system to plan your roster by hours, labour cost or even labour percentage.


Setup Instructions


  • The first thing is to make sure you have your pay templates set up with rates in the Settings > Payroll page.

    Ensure Staff Member is assigned Pay Template:

  • Click the Staff Tab and select the staff member whose template you wish to check.
  • Click the Payroll tab and ensure that the correct pay template is selected

    Note: Here it might help to confirm the correct rates have been applied to your staff member



  • Add your daily sales targets into the roster screen on either the "Daily View" OR "Weekly View". 
  • The accurate cost will be calculated per day, and a "Weekly Summary" 
  • In the Financial Summary of the week. Information includes total hours, estimated cost, average pay-rate as well as labour percentage to sales.

See the actual cost of each shift.


Once you have added rates and pay templates for your employees, RosterElf becomes powerful from a budgeting perspective. Simply putting your cursor over any shift will provide accurate cost information.

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