This article covers how to stop RosterElf emails from being missed when using Hotmail and Outlook.

Outlook and Hotmail are renowned for blocking emails that users don't necessarily want to be blocked, including emails from RosterElf. Unfortunately, this can cause issues for your employees as they may not receive email notifications and updates from RosterElf.If you or your employees are not receiving emails from RosterElf and have a Hotmail or Outlook account, follow the instructions below to fix the issue.

Option 1: Check to See if Emails are in Junk folder: 

1. Go to "Junk" email folder.

2. Select an email from RosterElf in the folder.

3. Right-click the email message, point to Junk, and click "Never Block Sender".

4. When you do this, you receive a "The sender of the selected message has been added to your safe sender's list" message.

5. If you want to trust any sender from that domain, select "Never Block Sender's Domain".

Option 2.  Set RosterElf Emails as "Safe": 

1. Start Outlook.

2. On the Tools menu, click "Options".

3. On the "Preferences" tab, click "Junk Email".

4. On the "Safe Senders" tab, click "Add".

5. In the Add address or domain dialogue box, type "", and then click OK

If you or your employees are still having issues with emails not being received, please contact the team at RosterElf.

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