RosterElf integrates directly with a range of payroll providers like MYOB and Xero. However, we also offer a RosterElf CSV format for customers who want to export payroll information in a CSV format they can edit and import for other payroll systems.

This article gives an overview of how to process your payroll from RosterElf and download in this RosterElf CSV format.


1. Go to the payroll tab


Firstly,  select the the "Payroll" tab on the top menu of your RosterElf account. You will then need to select a week and site that you wish to process.

2. Review times


This clever view shows 4 columns per day for every shift: "Rostered Times", "Clock-in-out Times", "auto rounded times" and "Approved Times". For each shift, you simply need to select one of the four options. If you want to have a custom time for payroll that is different from both Rostered and Clock-in-Out Times, you can type in the fields in the "Custom" column.

3. Review labour costs


As you make your selection between "Rostered Times", "Clock-in-Out Times" and custom times in "Approved Times", you will notice this screen will automatically calculate statistics on including labour cost, labour percentage to sales, average pay rate and total hours. If you are a sales based business, you can enter your ACTUAL sales results and know live what your  labour percentage to sales is per day and for the week.

4. View shift info


By clicking on the "i" icon on the right of screen next to each shift, you can view more information.

5. Add employees manually


If you have any employee who were not rostered and did not clock-in-out, you can also add them manually to payroll by clicking the "Add Employee" button.

6. Unselect employees not to be processed


If you do not wish for some of the employees to be included in the exported payroll file, you can simply untick there records as per below.

7. Process your payroll


Once your reviews have been done and happy with hours to be processed, simply click save, to come back and work on the task later or click process.

A new window will appear with summary information. To confirm process of the payroll, select "Process payroll"


8. Download RosterElf CSV


A pop-up window will appear and your RosterElf CSV will download automatically.  Hours of employees approved will appear broken into your "Pay Templates" setup on your account.

9. Email report


Once you process a payroll, we will also email you a PDF payroll report similar to example below.