How do I edit a published roster?


Even once a roster has been published and communicated to staff, you can easily go back into RosterElf, makes changes and re-publish.


1. Select a roster to be updated


In the roster tab, select the week and site you wish to update and republish. Sites with a roster that has already been published will have a green “published” banner. Selected a published roster to update by clicking on it.

2. Make changes


The published roster will be displayed. Make the necessary changes including adding shifts, adjusting shift times or deleting shifts. Once you are done, once again click the publish button in the bottom right-hand corner.

3. Review and publish


You will be taken to the review and publish screen. Ensure you have clicked the ‘changed staff’ box under the who to notify options so that only staff who have been affected by the changes made will be notified.

4. Notification


Employees are notified by your chosen method.