Before you are able to assign pay templates to staff you must create the template in payroll settings. Please see the support topic on how to create a pay templates.

Adding pay templates to staff helps makes budgeting accurate when rostering and also allows you to export payroll information to a number of software providers.
Follow the below instructions to assign pay templates to staff.


1. Select staff member


Click on the staff tab then select the staff member you want to assign pay templates for.


2. Click pay template

3. Select how you apply the pay template


When applying templates to staff you are given two options as how to apply them.

The first option is by site. This works by applying different pay templates depending on what site the staff member is rostered to work at. This is helpful when each site on the account is a different department that may have a different industry award. When working at site A the staff will be paid according to that award rate then when working at site B the staff will be paid according to another award rate.

The second option is to apply templates based on position worked. This works by applying different pay templates based on the different positions a staff member could work. This is helpful when a staff member is able to work as a manager/supervisor and also as a regular staff member. When working the position manager/supervisor they will be paid at a different pay template than when they work as a regular staff member.

4. Apply a pay template


Once you have decided how you want to apply the pay templates (by site or by position) you can now select the template that apply to each.
Click the dropdown next to either each site or position and select from the pay templates you have created.

To view a more detailed break down of the hourly rates of the template click the rates button.

5. Personalise pay rates


Once you have clicked the rates button you will be taken to a new window where you can see the break down of the pay template. Here you are also able to edit the standard pay rate that is applied when a staff member has that particular pay template applied.
Click on the hourly rate box to type in a new figure. The hourly pay rate that is entered for each staff member in their pay template is the information that is used for budgeting.

If you edit any of the pay rates, click save before you exit to save the update to the pay template for that staff member.