An important step in the setup of your RosterElf account is to assign employees to each site that they are are available/qualified to work at. Assigning staff to the particular sites they can work is one of the key metrics in RosterElf’s perfect match algorithm, which helps you find qualified and available staff when rostering.


There are two ways to assign employees to sites:

  1. Bulk assigning staff via the sites tab
  2. Assigning one by one via the staff tab.

Both options are detailed below.


Option 1: Sites tab


When you create a new site you are given the option to add employees who are able to work at that site. This is the quickest way to add staff to particular sites. If the site has already been created it is just as easy.


1. Select site


Click on the sites tab then click into the site you want to assign staff to

2. Click on the plus button


Click  on the plus button next to 'staff working in this site' to add staff who are able to work at that location/department.

3. Click to add staff


To quickly add all staff to be able to work at the site you can click select all in the top left of the popup window. If you only want to add select staff click on those staff you want to select then press update in the bottom right hand corner of the window.

4. Staff will be displayed


The staff you have selected will be displayed under the ‘staff working in this site. You can add or remove staff at any time.

Option 2: Staff tab


The second way is through the staff tab. Within the staff card for an employee you are able to assign them to the positions and sites they are able to work.


1. Select employee


Firstly, click on the staff tab then select from any of the available employees.

2. Click to add sites


Click on the + button to select sites that the staff member can work at.

3. Add sites


Click to select the sites that the staff member is able to work then click update in the bottom right corner when done.

4. Sites will be displayed


The sites that the staff member is able to work at will be displayed on their staff card.

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