With RosterElf, there are two ways to assign employees to work in positions:
1. Bulk assigning via the Positions tab.
2. Assign employees one by one via the Staff tab.

Both options are explained below.


Option 1. Positions tab


You can assign staff to a position when you are first creating the position or to existing positions.
In the positions tab click on the position you want to assign staff to then click on the plus button next to staff “working in this position”.

Select staff


Click on the staff you want to assign to the position.

If you want to select all staff you can do so by clicking the select all staff button.
When you are done click update in the bottom right hand corner.

Click update on the position window


Finally click update to save the new assignment of staff working the position.

Option 2. Staff tab


The second option is to assign employees to positions via their staff card.

To do this click on the staff tab then select an employee from your list.

To assign an employee to a new position, click the + icon next to “positions *staff member* can work”.

A popup window will appear with your list of positions. Click to select the new positions you are assigning the staff member to be able to work then click update.

Finally, click update on the staff card and the staff member will now appear in the list of qualified employees when rostering for the positions you have assigned them to.