How to roster for all sites simultaneously?


If your business has multiple ‘Sites’ or ‘Locations’ on the account you can choose to roster for each site individually or if your permission level grants you to roster for all sites simultaneously. This has been designed to save more time for site-based businesses such as cleaning or disability support service businesses.


1. Select 'All Sites'


Click on the week you want to roster then (if no rosters have been saved or published) click on the All sites box.

2. Select position


Select the position you want to roster as per normal.

3. Create a shift


Click the plus button in the middle of the timeline to start creating a shift

4. Select site


Click the drop down in the top left hand corner of the create shift window to select the site you want to roster the shift for. Once you are done click select employee in the bottom right corner of the window

5. Select employee


Select from the employees that show up in green then click update roster

6. Easy viewing across multiple sites


As you roster for different sites the roster will separate the shifts into the sites they have been rostered to.