This article covers how to request to swap a shift with another qualified employee from the RosterElf iOS and Android apps.

Find the Shift You Want to Swap


To request a shift swap, go to "My Shifts" on the RosterElf app, find the shift you want to swap and then click the "Shift Swap" button.

NOTE: Shift Swaps are only available up to 48 hours BEFORE a shift is due to start. Within 48 hours, the option to request a shift swap isn't available and you will have to contact your manager.

Provide a Reason and Submit

A window will then appear where you are required to leave a reason for the shift swap request.

Once you have added a reason, click "Request Swap".

What Happens Next


Once you submit a shift swap, your managers will be notified and RosterElf will try and find a replacement automatically.

If a replacement has been found, you will be notified via email and the shift will disappear from your My Shifts section of the app.

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