This article covers how an Owner, Admin, Manager or Assistant can make a staff member sick from the RosterElf Time Clock tablet apps.

When an employee who has been rostered to work calls in sick, there is a simple way to record this event directly via RosterElf's Time Clock.

This sick record will then be flagged later when processing payroll.


Click on shift


The first step is to find the shift and employee record on this main screen that you want to record as sick.

Click "record as sick."


From this view, click the "Record as Sick" button.

Select manager name


Only managers can record employees as sick. Therefore this view requires the user to select their name from a list of managers registered.

Enter password for manager


The manager is required to enter their RosterElf password next.

Leave comment


The final step is to leave a comment. This will help you later when processing payroll, as you can view this information.

Adding sick leave record complete


You will see a confirmation when the sick leave has been recorded by RosterElf's Time Clock. The main shift view will also now display a grey "Sick" banner on the shift.

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