"RosterElf On The Go" App Features


RosterElf On The Go is a complementary app that enables managers and employees to use RosterElf from the convince of their smartphone, anytime, anywhere.The app also includes a GPS Time Clock to enable customers to have their employees clock in and out from shifts directly from their personal smartphone devices. MANAGER FEATURES:- Add, delete and update shifts and rosters on the go- Review and approve employee shift swaps and leave requests- Add, delete and update staff information- View updates to employee availability - Call and test employees directly from the app - View clock-in-out records of your employees live- Keep on top of trends in your business including rostered hours, average pay-rate and labour costs EMPLOYEES FEATURES:- View all future shifts in a simply calendar view- Request shift swaps- Apply for leave- Update availability to work- Clock in and out of shifts


iOS App Download


To download the "RosterElf On The Go" app for Apple iPhone, search the Apple App Store for "RosterElf on the Go" or download the link below:

RosterElf On The Go iOS App

Android App Download


To download the "RosterElf " app for Android smartphone, search the Google Play Store for "RosterElf" or download the link below: RosterElf On The Go Android App