This article covers how an Owner, Admin or Manager can Colour code positions in RosterElf to make viewing and creating rosters more intuitive.

Colour coding can be a great way to make rostering more visual. It is also a great way to ensure that key positions are covered so that the business is correctly catered for. 

You can colour code one, multiple, all or none of the positions on the roster, and you get to choose what colour each position shows on the roster.


1. Head to the positions tab


To get your rostering looking colourful like the one below, start by clicking on the positions tab.

2. Choose a colour


Click into one of the positions in your list, and a popup window will appear. 
Select the custom colour dropdown in the top right of the popup window and select from one of the available colours!

3. Admire your work


Once you have given the positions a colour code, they will show up that colour when choosing a position to roster and when that position is used for a shift on the roster.

You can go back into the position and change the colour at any point.

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